Section of Cataloging and Preparing the Farsi and Latin Books

Cataloging Section

This section is responsible for cataloging and preparing print books in Farsi, Arabic and English. In addition, entering and correcting the bibliographic information of books into the Pars Azarakhsh Comprehensive Software of the central library and center of documents are carried out in this section. In addition, cataloging is performed based on the second edition of Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR II) and according to the cataloging of Library of LCC Congress and according to NLM ranking by using the classification extensions of the National Library of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The most important resources used for organizing the books of this section include:

1. Website of the Library of the US Congress

2. Website of Britain Library

3. Louctor Plus

4. Mesh Persian Medical Subject Headings

5. Latin medical subject headings

6. Website of the national medical library of the United States

7. List of famous authors’ names

8. Classification extensions of a national union catalog of Iran