This section was established in 1993 when the Medline database was provided in the form of a single user and under the DOS operating system. Gradually and with technological advancement, the system was upgraded to a multi-user network system with a Windows operating system. In addition, the Internet of the university is supplied through this system. At first, internet service was in the form of dialup and was provided through the physics-theory research center. After a while, the internet was provided in the form of asymmetric communication via satellites and telephone lines. With the advancement of telecommunication technology, Internet service was provided through telecommunications, and the leased line was first used. Today, the expansion of internet services has led to the use of optical fibers in this field.


The goal of this section is to provide current services for information and communication technology and maintenance of hardware, software and library network.


Activities are performed in three areas of software, hardware, and network, as follows:

Software Field:

Installing an operating system and subsidiary software

Installing applications

Maintaining and supporting the software installed in the unit

Providing counseling to optimize existing software

Preparing a data support file

Managing the comprehensive software of the library

Managing the library portal

Managing the Hannan and Semantak portals

Managing administrative automation

Hardware Field:

Counseling on the provision of new hardware required by the unit

Providing support and maintenance services for hardware equipment

Identifying and eliminating hardware problems

Network Section:

Counseling for development of the network

Counseling for purchase of network equipment

Network maintenance and support

Network management

Network security

Active Portals:

Pars Azarakhsh Portal:

Hannan portal:

Semantak portal:

Existing Servers:

Pars Azarakhsh Server

Hannan Server

Work Stations:

102 computers as work stations

Facilities of Pars Azarakhsh Portal:

Ability to search and reserve books and other documents via the Internet and getting ISO from existing information and access to other portal features

Facilities of Hannan Portal:

Access to the full text of 13 thousand titles of Latin books, including references, and the possibility to download the full text of the books without limitation of access and access to the articles of 128 specialized journal titles

Facilities of Semantak Portal:

Downloading articles that must be purchased and cannot be downloaded through the purchased databases of the ministry.