Journal Section

 The journal section is located on the second floor of the library, providing users with a rich collection of Latin and Persian journals and dissertations. Access to this section is in the semi-open form, and journals of the section have been bought in print form since 2010. However, due to the lack of purchase of printed journals and the lack of online access to some titles of journals required by education departments since 2011, 46 titles were purchased as CDs and uploaded on the central library portal. This number of journals was upgraded to 126 titles in 2016, with bibliographic information of journals and journal articles along with a topic search on the portal of Hannan Digital Library. In 2019, journals were reduced to 32 titles due to access to the source system at the central library portal, which allows the retrieval and downloading of journal articles.

Most Important Activities of the Journals Section

- Ordering Latin journals of the education departments at the beginning of each year

- Assessing users’ questions and guiding them to search and use resources

- Providing a photocopy of articles in print journals

- Settling the accounts of graduate students (thesis delivery)

- Providing services in the thesis section

- Following up the missing journals

- Instructions for downloading and retrieving articles in Hannan Digital Library

Regulations on Use of Theses

All users of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences (students, faculty members, and staff) who are active in central library software can use the theses in the library.


Exploitation of Theses

Presenting a valid ID card or an introduction letter from the relevant organization are required for the use of theses.



Theses in the central library cannot be borrowed, and it is only possible to study and take notes of the theses in the central library. The digital library provides the digital file of the university's theses through the library's software to the members free of charge. However, the theses are only visible to the users and cannot be printed and copied.

Providing copying services and access to the electronic file of theses are available in this section. The allowed pages (abstract, list of references, resources, and appendix) can be copied after paying the relevant amount with the coordination and supervision of the librarian. Copying the theses by their authors, supervisors and advisors is allowed.

Documents Required to Present Thesis to the Central Library

A gold-blocked gray (general course) or gold-blocked blue (specialized course) or gold-blocked green (higher education courses) covers for theses

A CD containing the file of the complete text of thesis in PDF and Word