Vice-chancellor for research and technology

Research report message preparation form



Tracking No. (code) of the research plan:

The full title of the research project/thesis:

The main executor of the project:

Telephone No. of the main executor of the project:

Email of the main executor of the project:



If the thesis is a student thesis:

Student name:

Student telephone No.:

Student Email:



Target groups:

Treatment policy-makers

Research policy-makers

Experts and researchers

The media and the public


What is the subject of the project?

General topics: e.g., internal medicine

Subsidiary subjects: e.g., gastroenterology and liver medicine


News title:

{The title of the research message is written in the form of news and based on the main findings of the project. For example, if the project is related to the prevalence of hepatitis B virus infection in prisoners of Kermanshah province, the research title should be: X percent of the prisoners in Kermanshah province are infected with hepatitis B virus.

The number of characters in the title should not exceed 135.

To count the number of characters, the number of letters, symbols, and spaces must be considered.}


Research Message Text:

{Research message is not synonymous with the study summary. The research report summarizes the most important findings of the project in plain language. The main audience of the research message is the public. Even in cases where an audience is a special group, extensive efforts must be dedicated to conveying the research message in plain language with the least number of scientific terms.

The research message is written in three sections, including the following and a maximum of 300 words:

Importance of results (50 words)

Most important results (150 words)

Results’ implications (100 words)}

Abstract of the project/article:


The URL of the scientific article resulting from the project: If an article is published.


Project completion date: will be completed at the vice-chancellor for research.


Completion of all sections of the form is required to evaluate and send the form to the publication system.

The research message and the entire final report should be editable in and the form of a Word file.

If the article is presented as the final report, the research message should be submitted according to this form.


Research reports of research projects are available at after being approved in the Research Publication System.

Presenter and student information is confidential and is not visible on the site.