The orders section of the central library of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences was established on November 22nd, 2009. This section is one of the essential parts of the library, where the ordered books required by education departments and faculty members and students will be prepared based on budget allocated by the vice-chancellor for research and based on the opinion of library experts or book purchasing committee.

Responsibilities of Orders Section

1. Introducing the book selection references

2. Collecting needs

3. Purchasing

4. Exchanging and donating

5. Coordinating with other sections

6. Carrying out the process of supplying references and expanding books

7. Sending the catalog of publishers’ books to the education departments, schools and students

8. Collecting selective lists of various educational groups

9. Assessing and confirming the collected lists in the committee of the provision of resources based on priority and allocation of funds

10. Purchasing the lists of international and specialized exhibitions and for specific publishers

11. Sending the purchased books to the cataloging section to produce a list and reference, and carrying out other book preparing works

12. Transferring the prepared and listed books to the book lending section and placing them on shelves based on ranking

13. Lending books to clients, students, and other library members