Knowledge Translation

Two decades ago, researchers expected to share research findings with other researchers through publishing them in approved journals or presenting them at conferences. In recent years, a new and energetic method known as “knowledge translation” or transfer and exchange of knowledge has been introduced to share and use research findings. Knowledge translation is the process of generating, exchanging and accurately applying (morally speaking) the knowledge, which creates relationships between researchers and consumers of research and leads to the delivery of more effective products and services and the strengthening of research systems. In fact, knowledge translation is the transfer of research results to a place they are actually used. Given the large amount of information produced and with regard to the lack of material relevance, the inability to convey the concepts, and unpreparedness of politicians to use the knowledge produced, the center for the development and coordination of information and scientific publications of the vice-chancellor for research and technology of the ministry of health aimed to design and create the health research synopsis in the country. This headquarter is, in fact, a platform for knowledge management and application of health research in the country. In this respect, the expert in applying health research results is registered in the system after the introduction of medical universities in the country. Afterwards, the expert in the application of health research results becomes active based on the medical university's introduction letter and the registration carried out in the system. Following that, the expert in applying the health research results becomes obligated to prepare the message and publishable news on all completed research projects of the university based on training provided in the knowledge transfer training workshop (held by the headquarter and in cooperation with the universities). This process must be carried out for all research projects of universities within one month after the completion of the project in order to achieve the interaction between researchers in the field of medical sciences with the community.

Health Research Synopsis of Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences

The health research synopsis has been created to collect and distribute news from health system research in the country. This center is primarily established for fast distribution of valid and evidence-based news from health projects of the country in an accurate, fast and appropriate manner for stakeholders and target groups. An advantage of this system is creating communication between researchers and the public and other stakeholders of society through the transmission of messages and news resulting from research projects.

Goals of Health Research Synopsis

• Transferring the knowledge generated from research projects of medical universities of Iran

• Increasing interaction between researchers and the community, decision-makers, and policymakers

• Promoting awareness and informing the results of medical research


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